6.4.1 - Fixed agency registration bug.

6.4.0 - More in depth civ identities (height, weight, flags, etc). Added audio notifications to the Online MDT with new voices that are also coming soon to DCRS Mobile. Also, we updated our systems to handle the recent spike in traffic. Bugs zapped and squashed.

6.4.0 - Custom departments added for units! Management users for your agency can add/manage custom departments on the "Edit Agency Options" page.

10/30/17 6.3.1 - Fixed self-initiated callout time bug.

10/30/17 6.3.0 - BOLO's implemented (coming soon to Dispatch and Mobile). Now, online users will only get emergency button activation notifications from the dispatch dashboard and the MDT.

10/16/17 6.2.0 - Emergency Button features added to online system! Users can activate their Emergency Button from our online MDT. Once activated, all logged in users on DCRS Online, Mobile, and Dispatch will receive an audible and visual notification with your name. Dispatchers and Management users can deactivate Emergency Button activations with one click.

10/11/17 6.1.1 - Fixed Steam overlay background problems!

10/10/17 6.1.0 - CIVILIAN UPDATE! We have re-introduced civilian reporting in this update. All users have access to the NEW Civilians tab where they can manage their custom record creations for their agency and create and track new callouts. Also, we have obliterated a couple other bugs.

10/8/17 6.0.0 - HUGE UPDATE! New Dispatch Dashboard (FINALLY!), improved unit assignment and call status updates, ability to remove custom records, improved MDT, and statistics for management users! New system to prevent the adding of users with Agency IDs that have incorrect casing, which caused errors. Also squashed more bugs!

9/28/17 5.8.1 - Fixed Self-Initiate Bug and added ability to add comments to calls via the online MDT!

9/25/17 5.8 - Added the long overdue "Forgot Password" feature and ability to update your password!

9/13/17 5.7 - Upgraded to new servers. Print Callout feature added!

9/11/17 5.6 - New revamped online MDT! The new MDT is lightning fast and works on nearly all internet connected devices. The new MDT is constantly bringing you the latest information in the background to keep you up to date. Check it out by clicking the MDT button on the sidebar!

9/4/17 5.5 - Added custom NCIC Records. When you add a custom record, DCRS will bring up that record when you search for it. If the name/license doesn't exist in your custom records, random information will be generated. Go to "NCIC Search", then click "Add New" under "Search Name" or "Search License Plate". Fixed user registration bug.

8/4/17 5.4.2 - Fixed bug with All Calls.

7/20/17 5.4.1 - Minor bug fixes.

7/19/17 5.4 - More call information is here! Call priority and more location information has been implemented. Also added "Transporting" and "At Destination" to the list of statuses.

7/13/17 5.3 - Fixed permissions. Implented email notifications for various functions.

7/11/17 5.3.1 - Updated 'All Calls' section of MDT.

7/10/17 5.3 - 'Search Calls' updated, bugs squashed, and other minor edits.

3/8/17 5.2 - All pages that use to refresh now refresh without any blinking! Auto-refresh has been implemented in a way that does not make the entire page refresh! Also implemented an SSL for more security!

2/15/17 5.1 - Updated website to be fully responsive. Almost every page can now be viewed easily on your phone or other mobile device! Officer comments have also been implemented. Only users with DCRS Mobile can utilize this feature. Dispatch can view comments online or through DCRS Dispatch. Civilian reports temporarily disabled.

1/30/17 5.0 - New look for website and homepage!

1/30/17 4.7 - Frequently Asked Questions are now available and menu reorganized!

12/22/16 4.6 - You can now edit your name in Personal Settings

8/16/16 4.5 - New logo and menu implemented!

7/18/16 4.4 - Users who have purchased software can now redownload by clicking 'Software' and then selecting the appropriate software. Also, users with the position of Management can now view shift reports/logs. Select 'Management' and then 'Shift Logs'.

3/29/16 4.3.2 - Fixed the bad clan error when editing units.

1/2/16 4.3.1 - Units are now listed in an ascending order.

12/12/15 4.3 - When creating a call, units in the units list are sorted by department! Also a few bug fixes.

12/12/15 4.2 - When assigning a unit to a call, you now choose from a list of the units which are available instead of typing them in. Also, after successfully logging in, you will automatically be directed to the Dashboard.

11/24/15 4.1 - You can now add a license plate when putting in a traffic stop!

8/28/15 4.0 - There is a new Dispatch Dashboard, available under the Dispatch menu on the Sidebar. Dispatchers can now do everything all on one page. Other bug fixes were done as well.

7/27/15 3.2 - Dispatchers can now modify a unit's status from the main unit management page. This saves a lot of time and doesn't require you to change pages to modify status.

7/27/15 3.1 - You can now search license plates in the NCIC Search page!

7/25/15 3.0 - Units are finally in their own database! You can add units and remove them as needed, instead of units just being linked to a user, like before. In order to use the MDT, contact a clan admin to add your unit number to your account. This must be done in order to continue use of the MDT feature.

ADMINS: You can add the unit number by going to 'Management', then 'Edit Staff', and then choosing the staff member's tile. There is now a new option to add a member's unit number / call sign.

The new NCIC feature has also arrived! Go into the Dispatch menu, then select NCIC Search. This feature will soon come to the MDT as well, so officers can search right on their MDT. It is open to any user, not just dispatchers.

7/2/15 - The callouts page only shows open calls. Closed calls can be viewed by clicking 'Search' and then selecting 'Calls'. Calls may only be reopened or modified by an administrator after being cleared.

4/24/15 - The MDT page now only reloads the 'Current Call' and 'All Calls' pages so you do not lose info while entering traffic stops. Content also reloads faster to bring updated info more quickly.

4/4/15 - Added new 'Clan Chat' feature. Click the keyboard icon in the menu when logged in to chat with all of members from your agency/clan. Added State Police to list of jobs. Added Radio # and Notes for unit options.

3/26/15 - Removed dispatchers from Active Units tab and dashboard; Added buttons on Units page to set all units status; minor bug fixes

3/20/15 - Added Mobile Data Terminal page (MDT); Added Sheriff to list of jobs; minor bug fixes

3/16/15 - New changelog page